European VAT Pre-Payment


European VAT Pre-Payment

from 43.40

Dear Backer,
Thank you for supporting our project and we can't wait to get your printer to you. As discussed in your email, your package is already in Europe and is part of a shipment marked stopped by customs for duty. This is not a shipping or product charge, it is strictly for your tax authority based on your jurisdiction!
Once payment is remitted your package should take 5 working days to get to your door. 

Since we have customers in more than 30 European countries we were able to broker a mixed rate of 20% for VAT and 1.7% Duty for all imported orders.

All payment & transaction charges, as well as even parts of the VAT, are covered by Kodama and through the shipping fee you pledged.

Please refer to the following table for import charges for your order:

Total order value (items + shipping)

$600+21.7% on $600 $ 130.20 e.g. Trinus Deluxe +

$500 to $600 21.7% on $500 $ 108.50 e.g. Trinus Deluxe +

$400 to $500 21.7% on $400 $   86.80

$300 to $400 21.7% on $300 $   65.10

$269 to $299 21.7% on $269 $   43.40 (Super Early Bird only, no add-ons)


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